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Your Survival Mission

By Joe Cherry
Well, to state it as simply as possible, the mission of any person or persons in a catastrophic environment is to survive. To live and be able to sustain the human existence for continuance for the next generation and into the next world.

Whatever you believe, whether you are a religious person or a spiritual person or even an atheist, it is the nature and instinct of every creature on this planet to survive. With that said, and if we can agree on this statement and latch on to it, then we can move forward.

Ah yes, to understand a statement is one thing, to latch on to it, is surely another. It is our natural instinct to survive. Examples of sinking shipthis statement are in everyday life and throughout history. On a sinking ship, one would grab a life vest or get into a life raft or if none were available move to the part of the ship that remains above water. And even in desperation would take a vest off of a weaker person, with no value of life but his own.

In another horrible example was the Nazi extermination of the Jew prisoners. After the Jews were forced into gas chambers that were sealed and locked from the outside, a deadly cyanide Zyklon-B was forced into the chamber. As the poison gas filled the chamber, the victims would climb onto each other to get to the good air, halocaustsmothering and killing the weaker people. When the chamber was cleared of gas, and the doors were opened, the Germans would find a pyramid of bodies to the ceiling.

In this article I will discuss different scenarios, and the actions and reactions of those involved and try to raise the awareness of the reader regarding his survival through the worst of times.  And yes, the worst of times is yet to face us all, whether it be revolution, terrorism, biological or nuclear war, or a cataclysmic  event.

In the first scenario, we will start with revolution.  There is a new government that is very popular and drew an overwhelming victory in the national election.  The strategy was simple yet effective, to gain the support of the poor and indigent, promising a better life and vilifying those who are the moral and economic fabric of this nation, and at the same time sending mixed signals to our enemies by demonizing and demeaning our military.
During the first six months of power, we start to see change as we have never seen it.  Due to the massive fraud perpetuated  on Wall St, combined with the gross incompetence of mortgage bankers and insurance companies and for good measure, the poor quality of products from the auto industry, massive amounts of money is given to these firms with little or no chance of return.  All approved and sanctioned by the politicians bought and paid for by the lobbyist that represent the corruption mentioned above.  As much as the financial wizards warn of collapse, those in power continue to ignore and speak of better days to come.
New tax laws are enacted, and old tax laws are revised to pay for the massive debt incurred.  Other countries warn of economic collapse and some see the present world financial system as quite fragile and have proposed that a new currency be introduced as a standard in international trade and financial transactions.  China is our biggest lender and what we owe them cannot be repaid ever.  Financial experts agree that if a 100% federal withholding tax was imposed, we still would not be able to pay off the national debt.  The Fed decides to monetize the debt by printing 100 billion more dollars.  Hyper-inflation is always the result and taxes jump dramatically on cigarettes, gasoline, and staple items.  The dollar is de valuated causing sky rocketing prices on everything.   After a year in power, unemployment is at it’s highest since the great depression, home fore closures are continually rising, there are up surges in domestic and local violence. Random shootings and mini massacres are now the common, most blaming loss of jobs and now there is a new game in town, home invasion.  Gangs are forcing their way into homes, robbing, raping and killing.  The local law enforcement agencies along with fire departments are stretched beyond resource and now incapable of public safety.  Cities, towns, and states are going bankrupt and cannot maintain the  pensions or benefits of those retired government workers and teachers.
Riots ensue instigated by unions and total chaos and calamity take over.aa-police-state-newsweek-cover-good-one

At this point, martial law is imposed.  The military rolls into cities and towns, invokes curfews,
going from house to house, seizing all weapons and guns and as a measure of “safety”, rounds up civilians and corrals them into “tent cities” calling it a “temporary” measure, and in the name of national security.  The anger for the government is at boiling point, and yet, the elitists don’t see it as civil unrest because of what they caused, but an illegal action by a few unruly troublemakers that are “stirring up anger”.

All along, in the shadows of history since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and before, there have been groups of patriots living the words of those important documents, they are called Militias.  Groups of men, women and children that are always ready to battle a tyrannical government, whether hostile, unjustly abusing absolute power, or simply incompetent leaving this great nation at risk to foreign influence and takeover.  Now the time has come for the rise of the State Militia.  In every state of the republic, Militias  regroup and re-arm and mobilize to protect our civilians.   The civilian armies rise and are totally prepared to face the might of the United States Armed Forces, the most powerful military machine in the world.    
Sound familiar?   Well it should, for in 1764, the British were imposing unbearable legislation on the colonies, which by tyranny of americanrevolution   the king of England, resulted in revolution and the freedom of all men in these states.  Farmers, businessmen, shop owners, women and children turned their tools into weapons and went up against the most powerful, sophisticated, army in the world.

In the next scenario,  we will use natural disaster.  Remember Katrina and Sandy?  Mega hurricanes making shore on populated coasts and Major Cities wreaking havoc, death and destruction.  As I write this article, it has been over 2 months since  Sandy hit the Eastern Shoreline causing deaths and destruction in the tens of billions.  There are communities that are still without help, people displaced cold and hungry and while the banks are demanding mortgage sandygirlpayments on flattened real estate, the government not only votes it’s Congress a raise, but neglects to vote on an  emergency aid package for the  affected areas, leaving the common folk to eek out an existence in a third world type environment.  There are home invasions and looting continuing to this day and law enforcement is scarce at most.  People there are literally fighting for their lives and surviving day to day, minute to minute.  Fema has emergency trailers and emergency living quarters but they are parked somewhere in Pennsylvania idle.  The Red Cross has done some work but not even close to what is needed.  A situation like this, my friends is a kettle that will boil over.  There are millions that depend on the government to protect them and when the reality of false sense of security sets in, there is anger and rebellion.
Consider two or three Katrinas or Sandys at the same time.  What will happen when the population counts on supporimagesCAQBLIICt from the government and it is simply not there?
(As a side note, the Congress did approve a Sandy Emergency Bill on Jan 3, 2013 only 69 days after the event for 9.7 Billion loaded with pork projects that have no relationship to the hurricane at all.  You have to wonder sometimes.)

The second scenario is not a scenario at all, but real and happened and the kettle continues to boil. If I could influence you with anything I say at all, I would simply say to prepare.  Prepare to keep yourself and your family safe in troubled times.  Go on the web and download manuals and articles on storing food and purifying water.  Download e-books on survival and print all of these putting them into binders. Protect them with plastic bags or into a sealed plastic bin.

Remember, when the SHTF, your family is going to look to you first for help.  You should know what to do.

Joe Cherry

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