Dec 16

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Will we ever survive Sandy Hook?

Sandy Hook School signThe recent tragedy at Sandy Hook School troubles us all,  leaving us in shock and sorrow with families torn apart, innocent victims and nation as a whole scrambling for answers and solutions.  This massacre is the latest in a series of mass violence perpetrated by a person who acted alone, was willful in purpose, well equipped and also mentally deranged.

As I watch the news and follow the storyline, I see coverage from every angle.  There is the story of the first 911 call, then about the responders, the crime scene and victims and their families, then the story on the shooter and his family and background.  The mourning of the community and nation has just started as all of our hearts go out to the families and friends of all the victims.

As we mourn and grieve, we seek answers…….why did this happen?  How could such a thing happen here?   Were there any warning signs?    Who is the shooter and why was he allowed to get multiple weapons?   How did he gain access to the school?   What can we do to avoid this kind of tragedy in the future?

All the pundits and talking heads are out there on every news channel and on every radio dial dissecting and evaluating the incident.  The politicians are also out there taking advantage of the horror with personal agenda “fixes”  and how Government can prevent mass killings by more gun control.  On the other side of the isle, I hear others talk about more guns and how that will fix the problem.  Either way, this terrible horror is being exploited now by government and driven by agenda.

I would like to put my 2 cents into this.  I was born in 1946 and raised by a mother and father.  My mothers sister and her husband lived in the house so us kids benefited by an uncle and aunt as well.  I went to Catholic school, said the Pledge of Allegiance every day and also a prayer before the day started.  I was forced to go to church on Sunday and was given an envelope for the basket.  If I played hookie from school and my mother found me, she would drag me back to school by the ear.  If I were punished by a nun or a teacher, my parents would ask me what I did to them and give it to me a second time.

A perfect childhood? no, but an upbringing that included a mother and a father, teachers who were able to use the power of persuasion as well as the persuasion of power and GOD.

In contrast, the world we live in today has “progressed”  (keyword).  Our version of a traditional family has morphed from mom and dad and children to mommy mommy, or daddy daddy and kids.  Both parents work and the child is left to day care.  God has been removed from our lives via law suits from atheists and the ACLU.  God has been minimized in our Government through interpretations of the Constitution by our politicians and the Supreme Court.  Christmas has always been a target in order not to offend anyone not Christian.  Merry Christmas turned to Happy Holidays and the Christmas tree is now a Holiday tree.

Who is teaching our children the difference between right and wrong or of good and evil?  The teacher will tell you it is not his job, the day care person will not want to interfere being afraid of a lawsuit, and todays families are so busy with mom and dad working and the kids on the internet there simply is no time.   Shouldn’t we stop?  Shouldn’t we take a breath and move back a few steps?   Isn’t it time we make our family first in our lives?  Our government is always looking for ways to control us,  but how about a fresh thought?  How about government find ways to bring the family unit back together?  How about programs in communities that teach faith and love?…..no matter what denomination, and government supported with tax dollars that are not wasted overseas or on turtle tunnels.  How about stopping the over regulation and taxing and encouraging manufacturing back to the U.S.?

So, I said all of this to say what?   I believe that inside us all there is good and evil. Thus the age old battle, but you are also a product of your environment.  If you are brought up in the ghetto, there are better chances of you being a gang banger than a priest, not for all though, there is a few that strive to remove themselves and are very successful.  But for the most, it is the way it is.  The same can be said for the sub-urban white kid, except the big difference is when the gang banger breaks loose, he breaks with another gang er and one or both suffer but, when the white kid breaks, there is no one to take it out on except those who offer no resistance, those who seem to be normal and happy, and those whom he blames for his upbringing.

Would it hurt that much for our kids to be taught about our Country’s history and how it was conceived through Divine Providence?  Would it hurt that much to say the Pledge of Allegiance and with the phrase “under God”?

As I mentioned, there is evil in us all, and fertile ground for the darkness that is consuming our souls and character day by day.  Those little things like saying a morning prayer, teaching your children of God and of goodness, and going to church or synagogue once in a while will confine the darkness to a place inside and make it that much harder to carry out such a horrific act by at least being able to ask the question of what is right and wrong.

Joe Cherry


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