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We outnumber them, really……..

tree of liberty   I find it hard to conceive that we have let our “lawmakers” and “leaders” get away with so much.  They make laws we cannot keep up with, they make laws that they don’t have to abide by, they tax us to death, (and even after) then squander our money on policies that will ensure their re-election.  They are corrupt in every sense.  Lying, cheating and stealing is now accepted as part of being a politician.

  It is said that “shit rolls down hill” and looking back as long as I can remember, not only has our leadership become more demoralized, so has the citizenry.  Just look around and if you open your eyes, you will see it……. decay.  Total decay and continuing on the down hill shit spiral of greed, immorality and selfishness.  Those boys and girls inside the beltway know exactly what they are doing…. they are fiddling while Rome is burning….they know this existence is not sustainable, but they continue as if they are doing the People’s work.  No folks, it is not the People’s work. 

There are 535 members of Congress and the House and there are 331,000000 of us.  If my math is correct, I think we outnumber them 618,691 to 1.  I am not encouraging a physical overthrow, but for all to consider what is in the Constitution of the United States. From the Declaration of Independence.

    Not only do you have the right to overthrow your government, it is a responsibility placed on us by a founding fathers. If our government betrays us, acts other than in accordance to our wishes, or we feel changes need to be made, it is our obligation to do so.

   Didn’t know we had that much power did you?  But the sheep will always outnumber the shepherd and will never notice because their heads are always down.  Do will really have the government we deserve?  Baaaah.

Joe Cherry


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  1. Chip

    This explains it as well as anything I’ve ever watched! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d88yEAZ_zKM

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