Nov 18

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Water, the lifeblood of survival

There are three ingrediants to survival:  Water, shelter and food.  Survival needs have given us the rule of three.  3 minutes without air = dead.   3 hours in extreme weather conditions = dead.  3 days without water = dead and 3 weeks without food = dead.

So now that I have your attention, I will start with the importance of water, clean water.  When the power grids go down that means that there will be no water flowing through the pipes and into your home, so you’ll have to be creative on retrieving and cleaning so there is no infection.  Rain water is a good start and barrels to catch it are a good idea, but don’t forget that todays rainwater is contaminated with acids and chemicals thanks to man’s “progress”.  So I will go over some ways to purify the water you will drink.  If you have the chance to….fill your bath tub and as many containers you can while the water is still “on”.

1.  Boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes will remove about 99% of any bacteria and will vaporize most of the chemicals.  This is a good safe, basic method.

2.  Chlorine is another way and safe if your vigilant on the amount needed to purify.  This is a chart of Clorox to water:  Regular bleach only.

First remove all large particles by filtering. Then the clear water should go into a clean container.

The ratio of regular bleach will be 8 drops to 1 gallon of water.  You may use up to 15-16 drops for cloudy or murky looking water.  Let water stand for 30 minutes, you should notice a slight chlorine odor, if you don’t repeat the process and wait another 20 minutes.

3.  Filtration can be a quick viable method of water purification but if you choose a cannister filter system remember that the filters can be expensive.  I would recommend a good cannister filter system for short term use.  There are many cannister type filtration systems on the market but I would recommend the Berkley Brand  you may find them here:  http://www.berkeywaterfilters.com/

4.  Conserve.   Remember this, that water will be your most valuable item in your survival tool chest.  Learn to conserve it.


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