May 27

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The Breath of Freedom

by Joe Cherry

Fox News Alert…  “President Obama lays wreath at the tomb of the Unknowns”      This is considered todays news as the annual unknownsceremony takes place in Arlington National Cemetery for which has been a tradition held to honor all those American Soldiers who have given their lives for their Country and without identifiable or returned remains. 

Since the Revolutionary War, all those who fought and died for freedom have been honored as the fabric of heroism that has woven the flag of our Republic and have kept the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness alive.  George Washington said at his farewell address  ”The independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint councils and joint efforts of common dangers, suffering and success”  Sept. 17, 1796.Tomb_of_the_Unknown_Revolutionary_War_Soldier-27527  Under Washington Park in Philadelphia, below the stones and pavement and under city streets lay bodies of heroes, fallen for what they believed in…. both Colonial and British, and today in construction, bones are found both in uniform and out with no way to tell who fought for what side.  Other bodies lay in mass graves and yet others fell for reasons and causes that will never be known.  Engraved on the side of the tomb reads “Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness”

My point is that this is the reason we are able to celebrate this day, this is the reason we are able to live the lifestyle we choose, the freedom of speech and religion, the freedom from oppression and the freedom to rise in the face of tyranny and to re-ignite the torch that seems to fade after a society becomes complacent and distracted by flat screen TVs, fast food and food stamps, yet this day is taken for granted.  Yes, we fly flags, we have parades and ceremonies and honor the fallen heroes, but after today…….. we go back to sleep for another year.  We allow the government to go about it’s business, unchecked and without oversight, year after year, overtaxing, overregulating and chipping away at our freedoms while at the same time counting on the government to take care of us.  The question remains of who takes care of the government? 

In a land of government “by the people” it seems to me that  ”we the people” are doing a horrendous job in running this Great Nation.  Yes, it is news that the President lays the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns…..but why should it be?  It is the duty of the President to honor those who have given all.  It is the duty of all American citizens to honor all those who wear the uniform and fight for freedom.  It is the duty for all of us who have been “spoiled rotten” to appreciate what our flag stands for.  It is our duty to know our REAL history and know the responsibilities of those we elect and the limits of their power.  It is our duty to know the Constitution and live by this law of the land crafted by our founders, and it is the duty of all of us who enjoy the freedoms we have to be thankful, thankful to God and His Divine Providences for which George Washington prayed for and counted on to keep the moral of his ragtag troop in the most hostile and seemingly futile situations.

 If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.
— President Thomas Jefferson.    1743-1826

  I dedicate this article to all of those men, women and children who have given their lives so we may be free today.  To those that had a cause, I salute you for there is no more of a noble deed.  To those who died as aides to a cause, your dedication is appreciated and success would not have been possible without you.  And to those who died as innocents, on the sidelines just living day to day, your life taken for no reason but to empower men you will never know, I pray for you, that you may find peace in the company of angels and eternal light.

God Bless America







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