Dec 30

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Surviving the “Fiscal Cliff” Opportunists

Well folks, here we are at the edge of the “fiscal Cliff” once again.  Rahm Emanuel said “You never want a serious crises to go to waste”, and what he means by that is that you can get things done that haven’t been done before……well yes, Rahm, you can!


For instance, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Supplemental provisions were for:

Job preservation and creation:  The unemployment rate in 2009 was 7.8%.  Today it is 7.3%  Did you get your moneys worth paying   $831 Billion for a  .5% reduction in unemployment?   Since Obama’s first term, public sector jobs have declined 3% while private sector jobs increased 1%.     I would rate this program:  FAILURE.

Infrastructure investment:  State and Local construction spending for education slipped more than 25% since 2009 to date with secondary education construction taking the biggest hit at 37% decrease. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the obvious culprit id the economic downturn.  And as the President stated “I guess those shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as I thought”   How are the roads and bridges around you looking these days?    I would rate this program:  FAILURE.

Energy efficiency and science:  U.S. energy consumption dropped 3% in the last year compared with the same period the year before, and residential and commercial use dropped over 5%….  Good huh?  Well when you compare the cost of fuel (almost doubling), I guess it would make sense for people to use less.  Why then did energy production during the same time rise 2% and fossil fuel production was up 3.14%?   Oh, and renewable energy production dropped 2.8%…….so much for going green.  On a side note, man has been using the power of the sun for as long as he’s existed, and if we can land a craft safely on Mars why can’t our scientists come up with efficient solar power?  I rate this program:  FAILURE.

Assistance to the Unemployed:  Since 2008, the government has poured $520 billion into unemployment benefits and extending unemployment.  There are those in the beltway that want to extend benefits another year at the cost of 30 billion.  The labor department says unemployment is going down but nothing is said of the people so discouraged in finding a job, they just drop out of the system.   I rate this program:  FAILURE.

State and local fiscal stabilization:  As a result of the “Fiscal Cliff”, there will probably be austerity measures placed upon Cities, State and Local Governments as well as individuals.  Higher taxes for everyone, not just for the rich. A cut in federal aid to States and subsidies to farmers.  Defense is one of the Democrats favorite targets, so we will trade our security for a budget that hasn’t been completed in over four years.  I rate this program:  FAILURE.

These programs cost us  $831 billion of our hard earned tax money, and the President said that he wants another $1.6 T to spend in 2013.  I’ll tell you, that if we were taxed 100% of our income, it would still not be enough to pay for our debt or the out of control spending.  You simply cannot spend yourself to wealth.

The incompetents in Washington that supposedly run our government are only interested in partisan bickering and profiling for their constituents.  The drama you hear on the news about reaching an agreement or falling off the cliff is made to make you think that they are accomplishing something.  We are paying the price for their incompetence and we will continue to pay.  Where is George Washington?  Where are the heroes and fathers of this Great Nation when we need them so very desperately?

Rahm Emanuel was correct when he said not to let any crises go to waste.  Believe me, the government believes we are in crises and they are acting on it, for their own continued domination of this society, slowly relieving us of our freedoms, our money and our Constitutional rights.

   Do you believe we are in crises? And if you do, will you act on it?

Joe Cherry

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