Nov 29

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Surviving the first week of Cataclysm

We are so very comfortable in our environments and have been for a very long time. We go to our warm and cozy homes, watch big screen TV, have our cell phones, malls, restaurants and live the good life.  We do this day in and day out…we celebrate holidays, go to church and school and continue with just the normal everyday stress and worries that we all share, which is paying for all of the things that make us comfortable and free.

But what would happen if things suddenly changed, for the worse…..the much worse?  Are we prepared for disaster?  Those poor folks that suffered the wrath of Katrina, then the people of Haiti, Chili, New Zealand, and recently Japan and now the Mississippi slowly swelling and engulfing land and life are the signs that things may not ever be quite the same as it used to be and the most blatant unanswered question that no one seems to ask is, “Why weren’t these people prepared?”.   The answer is simple, they all felt they didn’t need to prepare for such a disaster that would forever change the way they live.  That is unthinkable, and crazy!

Well, now I would like to pose that question to you.  Is it crazy or unthinkable to prepare for an event that may change the way we are used to living?  Is is crazy to gather some emergency items, like long term food storage supply or first aid kits or water purification tablets and fire starting tools?  How about home protection for your family?

I entitled this article First Instincts because I would like to share with you my thoughts on what the first instinctive thoughts and moves from the populous would be if there were a super cataclysmic event to happen.

Lets take an easy one,  we are hit with a solar flare from our Sun powerful enough to knock out power on the East Coast and the severity of the storm has actually affected the power grid so bad, it cannot be repaired for months.

The first instincts of many will be to wait it out,  maybe go to the store, get some food, candles and extra gas for the generator or the car.  Well, we find out that the stores are running out of food and supplies real fast.  There is no gas available because there is no electric to pump the gas out of the ground.  So we go home with what we have only to find that there is no running water either, and decide to wait it out some more, use the water and soda in the fridge and see, so we wait, say a couple of days…. but soon those supplies run out and we find the stores are empty!   After 1 week we are restless and through battery radios the severity of the situation and the government is advising all to stay home for your own safety.  You and your family are hungry and probably out of water and now getting desperate for help.  You go out looking for water and food and help only to find looting and riots and chaos and no public safety agency in sight!

By this time, it is too late.  The structure of civility has broken down and there is no rule of law.  Eventually, the military and police agencies will regain order, but how long will that take?  How long will you stay in your home without food and water?  Will your neighbors share whatever they have with you and risk their own well being?  I think not, and what measures will you take when they refuse to help you?  What measures would they take?

This article is written not to scare you, but to make you aware of the immediate threat we face every minute of the day in these times of uncertainty.  If history is a teacher, let us learn of the recent troubles around the globe and be vigilant.  Read the news, and not just from one source.  Watch and learn what is going on around the globe, not only with Earth changes, but also the unrest in the middle east and in Africa, and what our own government is doing or not doing to protect public safety.

My advise is to prepare for emergency.  There is no way to know what emergency to prepare for but common sense will dictate what you need to protect your family in most emergency situations.   Dehydrated food in storage containers, water, first aid, lighting, emergency communications are a few of the necessities.

Plan on a six month to one year supply and find a dry place in your basement to store.  Also, you will need home defense.  A gun in the house with enough ammo would be very welcome in a home invasion situation.

A bug out bag for each family member is highly recommended.  A bug out bag is an emergency kit for one or more people that contains the emergency items you need to sustain for 3 to 5 days and it also supplies signaling, shelter and first aid, all put together in a backpack, ready to go.

Joe Cherry

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