Nov 11

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Surviving the Election


The years and months building up to the Presidential election has been not only grueling but very stressful on all of us.  It seems that the two sides are more polarized now than they have ever been and the campaigns were reduced to name calling and dirty tricks, and adding the fact that the mainstream news media stumped for Obama the whole time and covered or just didn’t mention his:  1. fumbling with lending billions to failed  companies, 2. lack of job creation via war on the small business, 3. overspending, 4. and the alienation of Israel, who happens to be our only ally in the mid east.  Ok, so it sounds as if I’m not an Obama supporter and so what?  What difference does it make one week after the election?

Well, this is what is happening now and around our Planet at this moment and how it ties to the Election.  We have new governments in the middle east that are at this moment forming a caliphate or a united states of Muslim countries.  They all hate Israel and want that country off the map.  Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are on the verge of bankruptcy, and if they go will cause a domino effect in Europe as well as the U.S.  The Euro is ready to collapse.  China is buying gold by the ton and so is India.  We have Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Mexico now coming across our borders along with illegals with the knowledge and equipment to do heavy damage to our homeland.  So hey Joe, thanks for the bum ride….what other good news do you have for us?

The good news is that we, as Americans, are smarter and tougher than the other countries.  It is in our nature to protect our homes and our Country just as we come to the aid of our fellow man in need, we will also step up hard to protect what so many have died for….. our Freedom and Liberty.

I cannot emphasise enough the need for being prepared for when the emergency occurs, whether it be natural, or man made.  Please store the essentials to protect you and your family.   Food, canned and dehydrated, water, medical, emergency lighting, batteries, blankets, crank radio, and as you start collecting these things, you will get creative and find other stuff you may need.  How about a bunker?  You can find them on the Internet.  I would also recommend a ham radio that can run off batteries.  They sell auto ham radios that you can set up at home and run it off a 12 volt car battery.  Remember, if the power goes out…..the towers go out.  A ham radio will transmit a great distance.

So there it is again…….please prepare you and your family.  Don’t count on the government to do it for you because if the worse happens, the government will be nowhere to be found.

Joe Cherry

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