Jan 27

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I see lot’s of Sheep, but where are the Patriots?

by Joe Cherry

I have recently read articles in the news regarding  gun control as well as other issues, some of which I believe are important to the security of our great Nation and some that are not.  We are all back seat quarterbacks when it comes to issues like these and most often when it comes to deciding what is right or the correct thing to do, we have the ability to “shoot from the hip” and make snap judgments.

But lately, it seems  a lot of snap judgments have been coming from obama marxistour government….as a matter of fact, these shoot from the hip actions have caused more pain and suffering within the populous than doing any good or of any protection but more of harm.

For example, did you know that many many people who have suffered from the hands of super storm Sandy are still without heat, hot water or electric?  People would rather stay in their homes rather than deal with FEMA.  This is really amazing.  There are 3,500 families still displaced and many more homeless and freezing.  The excuses the government give range from not enough resources to not enough carpenters and plumbers and electricians to repair everything.  Bull.   If the government wanted to correct the problem, it would, and in a fast quality fashion. 

Another example of government negligence was the BP Spill in the Gulf.  Questions arise that no one has addressed nor won’t address.  For instance, why did the government wait over a month after the explosion, not doing a thing to remedy a National Safety Threat, waiting for BP to mobilize while over a million gallons of oil a day were polluting our coastal waters?  This government could have stopped the leakage within days then re-billed BP for the service.

We all remember “Fast and Furious”, but it seems the government has all but forgotten about it.  It seems ok for our government to sell military and automatic weapons to drug cartels that murder our people with them, but it’s not ok for a U.S. citizen to have any weapon with more than 7 rounds in the magazine.

And now regulation, more and more regulation.  Dreamed up by the 11-Marxismpresidents hand picked team of leftists, socialists and Marxists to “nudge”  the citizens of the land to conform to their ways while chipping away at our liberties.  If the nudging don’t work, next will be fines and imprisonment

. According to a new report by the Texas  Public Policy Foundation, thousands of people are being prosecuted for  environmental crimes every day they didn’t know were even on the books. They’ve  been threatened, fined and thrown in jail. The trend is especially prominent  along the Gulf Coast, but is becoming a national issue.  

In Texas, there are 11 felonies relating to harvesting oysters that can land  a person in prison for a decade. In the Carolinas, government officials have  cracked down on  fishermen — both commercial and sport — and in some  cases cut off their ability to make a living. 

‘You take away the incentive for somebody to do something bit by bit  by bit. It’s like peeling the layers off an onion. You can only peel so much and  then you don’t have any onion left’

- Fishing boat Capt. Terrell Gould

Just like a 3rd world country right here in America.  The reason we don’t hear anything on the news is because it is not a favorite agenda topic with the politicians, and the media hasn’t the backbone or courage enough to cover it. Don’t believe me….look it up.

So now back to the current attack on the 2nd Amendment.  This is a sheeple-1aa-wakeupsheepleplanned and well executed agenda for this regime.  The perfect storm, so to speak, and by not letting a good crises go to waste, this administration will use all of the tools it has available, whether legal or illegal, to confiscate all guns.  Read the news articles on the momentum and growing opposition of the brainwashed zombies.  Yes, zombies,  brainwashed by the coward media and bought and paid for by government handouts. 

The puzzle pieces are falling into place, the masks are off and these next four years will either prove us as patriots or sheep.  God I pray for the patriots.

Joe Cherry




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