Nov 25

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Home Defense, a Survival Basic Right

A vital essential for any type social breakdown is home protection.  You’ve already seen what happens when nature sends a hurricane or tornado or earthquake to a decent urban or sub urban community.  The devastation is one thing, the pain of seeing everything you have ruined and then the thought of either rebuilding or moving on.  Well, that’s basically the process, but let me throw in another factor.  Looting and home invasion.  In an emergency, with no power for days, weeks or months the best of us are tested and moral breakdown is inevitable.  How about the guy that pulled a gun on a gas line in New Jersey because he didn’t want anyone to cut the line?  How about the looting and home invasion that goes on to this day in Staten Island and Long Island, 3 weeks after Sandy hit on October 29th.  No, you don’t hear about it on the news, it’s too embarrassing for the politicians and naturally they do not want anyone in a panic or even worse, getting a gun to protect themselves or their family.

I cannot emphasize enough the need for home protection, even in a non emergency, you never know when there will be an intruder or gang of marauders. What kind of home protection?   Dogs and Guns.   Hey Joe, why not a surveillance system.? What good are cameras if the power goes out?  And who’s going to be sitting there watching “break-in TV”?. A dog is probably your first line of defense with hearing so sensitive to hear the beat of a rabbit’s heart this animal has a decibel range much higher than human and the ears are like radar, they will rotate toward the noise. Usually a dog’s bark will scare off the timid, but the despones have no fear of a dog, they will just simply shoot it.  Your best friend will die protecting his or her family.  Remember that, and prepare for it.


So what kind of guns do we need for home protection?  My choice would be a 12 gauge pump action like a Mossberg 500  or a Remington 870.  An 18 to 22” barrel is advised and the best to handle.  A 20 Gauge pump will also work fine but the 12 gauge is probably the most intimidating.  With any firearm, safety is a must and every family member old enough to handle such a weapon should be trained by professionals.  The last thing any intruder wants to hear is the action of a 12 gauge receiver locking and loading.  You can purchase many styles of loads for the shells ranging from bird shot to slug.  Bird shot will do nothing to an intruder but get him mad but a slug is a huge piece of lead that will penetrate most body armor at close range and will stop him in his tracks.  The advantage of a shotgun is that it’s deadly and confines the shot to the attacker rather than going through walls.  If you decide on an auto-loader, make sure you are thoroughly trained on the safety and operation of this gun, and know how to clear the chamber in a safe manner.  Check out some sites on tactical weapons and shotguns, and decide what type of style you would need.  There are folding stocks and different lighting that will be very handy in a closed dark area.   Your shells would be better carried in a bandoleer then sitting in a box somewhere in the drawer….get a couple of bandoleers and fill them, have them and the shotgun accessible without having to move half your closet around…… Another weapon would be a handgun.  Small, easy to conceal and deadly and considered the great equalizer.  Again, training and safety with this and all weapons is critical and by the way, most states require permits to carry handguns.  Getting a permit is not hard, but time consuming.  There is an old military saying that “two equals one and one equals none”  so make sure you have a backup weapon. Some may call me crazy, but I always liked a .22 cal semi-automatic rifle.  It is a great  second weapon to have around the house.  Anyone can handle it, you can put out a lot of fire and you can cause significant damage with it.  The ammo is cheap and magazines are quickly changed rather than messing around with a tube feed.  Also you can carry 10 loaded magazines in a bandoleer or vest easily.

The Zombie Apocalypse.

My definition of the zombie apocalypse is when social structure breaks down through natural or man made causes, thus unleashing a total decay of decency and morality, ending in mass violence and killing in order to survive.

Home protection and surviving a violent intrusion will take practice and drills for your family. Make sure all family members know a “safe room or safe place” in the house, or at least a place of defense.  Make sure everyone knows how to use the weapons just in case you cannot access them in time.  Make sure all members know what escape route to use and where to meet up later. Remember, there will be no cops, no military and no law.  You will be on your own.  What about my neighbors Joe?   Your neighbors will be the first to crash through your door to hurt or kill your family to feed their starving children.


When the shit hits the fan, we will each be endowed with the responsibility of maintaining a lawful and caring society.  We are still our brothers keeper and God’s creatures one and all, so the decisions made by individuals or groups will either generate the disease of lawlessness or re-establish a better way of life…..hey, maybe better than we are now.  But we all have the right to self defense.  It is a responsibility to protect your family, to know the difference between a genuine threat and a person asking for help.  Training and family drills will make your decisions a little easier.  Wouldn’t it be much easier to know what to do in an emergency and never need to use it than to not know?

Joe Cherry

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