Jun 09

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Freedom vs Socialism….. Point Break

by Joe Cherry

With fast and furious, Bin Laden leaks and braggings, Benghazi, Boston, the IRS scandal, the US giving F-16s and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, calling the Fort Hood Massacre “workplace violence”, supporting the “democratic movement in the middle east resulting in a caliphate by people that hate us, HHS secretary putting the arm on insurance companies, Prism and phone records intrusions worse than the Patriot Act,govt spying I have to wonder about in which direction our government is going. It seems that everything they do is geared to take this country down rather than build it.  I have to wonder if it is by design sometimes.  This administration will go to great lengths of cover ups and lies upon lies to achieve a goal that may be more destructive to freedom and liberty than we can imagine.

The New York Times editorial board’s conclusion that the Obama Administration has lost all credibility speaks volumes about the confidence that the  liberal media has in Washington as of late, but in my opinion, the blinders should have been off before Obama’s first election.  Why is it we don’t realize anything is wrong until there is a crises or we are on the verge of “going off a cliff”?  The dysfunctional are leading the incompetent. You would have thought that a man running for the highest, most powerful position in the world would have been vetted a little bit better by the political machine and the media, but no, not in this case….  and I’m not being racial in my opinion, but I think it was more important to get a black man elected president and cast the country’s fate into wind than to choose a person for the job that would bring this nation out of the recession and into prosperity. imagesCAW7ET8GThe saying “we get the government we deserve” sums it up perfectly, a quote which has been attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville, Thomas Jefferson and others..  and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Not only have we wasted eight years with the worst President since Carter, but the permanent damage caused has turned this great nation into a credit dependent 3rd world country and the damage that is reversible may take decades to correct.  Suffering the consequences of this failed exercise of socialism are the ones that needed help the most, the poor, the minorities and the children.  The poor have no one to turn to and no end in sight for government handouts, thus creating generation after generation of dependency and with no incentive to be a better person or a productive being in the social machine.  The minorities have fallen for the old rope a dope trick from this president inasmuch as getting him in office with 99% of the black vote and then being abandoned.  Look at the inner cities… look at Detroit.  It is worse today than 8 years ago.  Crime is at an all time high.  The minority leaders, while living the life of luxury vow to protect and take care of a loyal contingency that will vote them back in time and time again but get nothing in return but more handouts and more poverty. Now the government wants to give 100 million dollars of hard earned taxpayer money to tear down vacant buildings and to give aid to impoverished neighborhoods in Detroit, Flint Saginaw and Lansing.  


 So the cycle will begin again, to rebuild and forget…..everything will look nice for a year or so, the politicians will crow about all the good work they have accomplished and polish their platforms and resumes and continue to be the “champion of the people” until the neighborhoods are in ruins once more.reforms-corruption The waste here is that the investment is not in the people…. the investment is in structure, in façade, in atmosphere and ambiance.  And finally the children…… the young are influenced by our leaders, our teachers and our parents.  Look at the scandals in Washington, the drug enhanced athletes, cannot have God in schools but you can have lessons on how to put a condom on a cucumber and re-writing of history.  Teachers have their hands tied, no discipline and parents both working just to get by pawning their kids off to day care.

And in today’s news we see that eight northern Colorado counties want to break away and establish a new state called North Colorado.  The proposal was formed at a meeting of county commissioners last week in response to their opposition to the states new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations.

Friends, we are witnessing history being made.  The polarization of the citizenry by this government resulting from regulations and social programs is just now coming to a head.  When considering the intelligence level of Washington lawmakers and the job they are hired to do, it seems they are either totally inept or doing this by design.  I choose the latter.newamericanrevolution1  There will be a breaking point and it is coming soon, and as much as I wish there was a magic pill for the coming crises….I know in my heart there isn’t.

May God bless us all.




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