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Bug Out Bag built on Ultra Light Equipment

Bug Out Bag built on Ultra Light Equipment
by West Falia
reprinted from the APN website
In some previous articles I have discussed some possible ways to approach the subject of Bug Out Bags from a light weight perspective. In this article I will focus on Ultra Light Weight Equipment and what type of gear you can go for if you want to build an Ultra Light Weight pack for outdoor activities or as a BOB. The Ultra Light Weight Hiking movement has become very popular and new equipment becomes available all the time. In this article I will give some examples of equipment that is available. All Bug Out Bags must be adapted to the person that uses the setup, the local climate, seasonal variations and terrain. One Size Do Not fit All and this article is only intended to provide the reader with some inspirations for their own setups. For some of the considerations that should be included see the article Building the right Bug Out Bag for You.
Suggestion for an Ultra Light Bug Out Bag Weight: 4,155kg without water, 7,235kg including water (around 16 pounds including 3 liter of Water)
Backpack 0,891kg [ ] Terra Nova Voyager 55 Liter 891g
Shelter and Clothing 1,33kg [ ] Terra Nova Ultra 1 Tarp 2,5m x 1,5m 70g [ ] 20m (5 x 4m) meters of Dyneema cord 30g [ ] Montane Light-Speed H20 Jacket 155g [ ] Montane Atomic Pants 200g [ ] Western Mountaineering Summer Light Sleeping Bag (180cm length) 525g [ ] Thermarest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad 350g
Survival Knife 0,107kg [ ] Mora Companion MG Fixed Blade Knife 107g
Fire 0,021kg [ ] FireSteel Pup 7g [ ] BIC Lighter 14 g
Light 0.082kg      [ ] Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp (Including 3 AA Batteries) 81g
Pocket Survival Kit 0,1kg [ ] Zip Lock Bag [ ] Fishing line, hooks and sinks[ ] Snare Wire [ ] Safety Pins [ ] Sewing Kit [ ] Wire Saw [ ] Anti Diarrheal Tablets
[ ] Water Purification Tablets
[ ] Pen [ ] Vargo Titanium Whistle 3g [ ] Fällkniven U-4 Folding Knife 22g
Water 3,080kg [ ] 2 1,5 liter Soda Bottles (40g+40g + 1500g+1500g) 3080g
Food and Cooking 1,215kg [ ] Jetboil SOL Gas Stove 300g [ ] Jetboil Pot Support and Stabilizer 57g [ ] 100g Gas Bottle 198g [ ] 6 Freeze Dried Meals from DryTech 660g
First Aid and Hygiene 0,25kg [ ] Lifesystems Light + Dry Micro 114g [ ] Compact bottle of Soap [ ] Tooth Brush, Dental Floss and Tooth Paste [ ] Half a roll of Toilet Paper in a Waterproof Bag 100g
Navigation 0.123kg  [ ] Topographical Map 100g [ ] Compass: Silva Ranger SL 23g
Other 0,036kg [ ] Rite In The Rain 3×5 Notebook 36g
This setup is centered on different types of Ultra Light Equipment but still provides a comprehensive setup with a weight of around 7 kilograms including 3 liters of Water. Some personal equipment and clothing would most likely have to be included as well but the weight of the pack is still low. A Bug Out Bag does not have to consist of only Ultra Light Weight equipment as in this setup; but by incorporating some Ultra Light Items you can reduce the weight of regular setup or a regular hiking pack.
Since Ultra Light Weight Equipment does not provide the same amount of insulation and protection from the elements as thicker fabrics the clothing you carry is extra important in order to avoid hypothermia. In cold weather settings this approach is not as effective since it leaves you vulnerable to the elements; an Ultra Light Approach can however be a successful concept during the summers even in Northern Regions. The critical aspect is that you know the limitations of the gear and adapt accordingly; experience, knowledge and skills becomes extra important and you must handle the gear with more care.


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