Apr 13

A Victory for Liberty in Bunkerville

bundy3by Joe Cherry

Cliven Bundy and his family stood up to tyranny and won.  The key words here are “stood up”.  This man has been fighting the fed gov’t for 20 years over grazing rights.  Let’s first get something clear: 

1.  The Federal Government does not own the land.  The land belongs to the state of Nevada as with all Federal Lands in all States.  How does the Fed own anything?   The Federal Government is an agency that oversees the operations of State Agencies.  It is nothing but air.

2.  So with that said, Mr. Bundy is within his rights in several fronts, the first being that his family has been on that ranch for 180 years and no, he doesn’t own the land either….. that land is for open grazing.  And the second is that he has no problem paying the State of Nevada if they deem to charge grazing fees. 

Mr. Bundy has been standing against tyranny and oppression for over 20 years and finally things have come to a head.  Alone with his family he stood up against the tazers, dogs, snipers and helicopters…. they were roughed up, shocked, bitten, and knocked down, while all the time staring down the barrels of automatic weapons and they did not flinch, not one bit.

  Over the TV and airwaves the story went and not upon deaf ears.  Oh yes we heard the call and responded in kind.  Fellow ranchers, protesters and on lookers were there, standing with the Bundy family.  All watched anbundy4d accounted for by the feds except the feds didn’t count on militias from three states,  they didn’t count on locals armed to the teeth and they certainly didn’t count on a squadron of militia snipers behind enemy lines.  A true to the heart standoff with Patriots ready to put their life on the line for a fellow American and his family. 

 The feds backed down.   ”Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” the bureau’s director, Neil Kornze, said in a statement.bundy2

  No folks, they were not concerned with the safety of anyone but themselves.  They didn’t seem to have any problems with safety when they were tazing and sic’ing dogs on the Bundy family.  They realized that the odds had changed dramatically and not in their favor.  And they knew that the Patriots would never back down so they closed shop and went home, only to vow a day in court.   (So why didn’t they do this in the first place?)   A good question and maybe a test of our resolve.  I say thank God for the founding Fathers of this great nation and for the 2nd Amendment.  bundy5

“Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation. . . Notwithstanding the military establishments in the several kingdoms of Europe, which are carried as far as the public resources will bear, the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” (James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, in Federalist Paper No. 46.) 

We, the People…. are tired of being bullied.  Let this be a lesson to the Government and hope they learned for the next time may be different.

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Mar 22

Are we all Insured yet?

obamacareWell folks, March 31st is rolling around very quickly, probably too quick for Kathleen Sebelius.  Remember the magic number of 7 million enrolled by the end of this month.  Not are they way short on their total target but also way high on Medicaid enrollment.

  There is a question in my mind that has been eating at me for months and months.  The goal is to get all Americans health insurance at an affordable rate, cover those who presently don’t have coverage and also mandate insurance companies to insure those with pre-existing and not refuse coverage to same.  Well, the question is that if the population of the United States is about 314 million, why then is the target goal 7 million and the last day for open enrollment March 31, 2014?  I never did good at math but the number seems to be 307 million short.

  This “law” was bullied through the House and Senate and barely passed with bribes and back room deals.  The rocky rollout was blamed on everything but the writers and backers…… and Nancy’s famous words “If you want to know what’s in the law, you must pass it to see it”.  So here we are Nancy,  5 months after the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and we have seen numerous illegal changes in it by a President that has no regard for law or our pelosihammerConstitution.  Kathleen Sebelius swore under oath that there would be no more delays and no more extensions.  What next, Mr. President?  It seems as the days go by and get shorter and shorter the stack of lies get taller and taller.

  In my opinion, this “law” is just another tool that chips away at our fragile economy and bring us closer to Socialism.  A page right out of the Cloward and Piven handbook.   We will never achieve what this law was intentioned for and somehow we all know it. 

Joe Cherry


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Jan 01

We outnumber them, really……..

tree of liberty   I find it hard to conceive that we have let our “lawmakers” and “leaders” get away with so much.  They make laws we cannot keep up with, they make laws that they don’t have to abide by, they tax us to death, (and even after) then squander our money on policies that will ensure their re-election.  They are corrupt in every sense.  Lying, cheating and stealing is now accepted as part of being a politician.

  It is said that “shit rolls down hill” and looking back as long as I can remember, not only has our leadership become more demoralized, so has the citizenry.  Just look around and if you open your eyes, you will see it……. decay.  Total decay and continuing on the down hill shit spiral of greed, immorality and selfishness.  Those boys and girls inside the beltway know exactly what they are doing…. they are fiddling while Rome is burning….they know this existence is not sustainable, but they continue as if they are doing the People’s work.  No folks, it is not the People’s work. 

There are 535 members of Congress and the House and there are 331,000000 of us.  If my math is correct, I think we outnumber them 618,691 to 1.  I am not encouraging a physical overthrow, but for all to consider what is in the Constitution of the United States. From the Declaration of Independence.

    Not only do you have the right to overthrow your government, it is a responsibility placed on us by a founding fathers. If our government betrays us, acts other than in accordance to our wishes, or we feel changes need to be made, it is our obligation to do so.

   Didn’t know we had that much power did you?  But the sheep will always outnumber the shepherd and will never notice because their heads are always down.  Do will really have the government we deserve?  Baaaah.

Joe Cherry


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Dec 25

Merry Christmas 2013 Human vs Humanity

humanityTo all Patriots, lovers of the Constitution of the United States and all people of peace, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year.  A very simple and straight forward message.  And this greeting of peace is from my heart and from my humanity. 

I use the term humanity because it is a word that conflicts with some of us that don’t agree on so many things from religion to politics to lifestyle.  In looking up the word, one might find such synonyms as:  compassion, brotherly love, fraternity, humaneness, kindness, sympathy, tolerance and others but you get the drift. 

We are at each others throats over everything, no matter how important or insignificant, and the main reason is we have shelved our humanity and replaced it with passion, greed and agenda.  My resolution for the New Year is to show my humanity toward others, to be gracious to God and thank Him every day for His Blessings and to look to others, not for their agenda, color of skin or sexual preference, but for their humanity……..in my eyes, it is our most precious asset.

   “Being Human is Given But Keeping our Humanity is a Choice”

Joe Cherry


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Jun 09

Freedom vs Socialism….. Point Break

by Joe Cherry

With fast and furious, Bin Laden leaks and braggings, Benghazi, Boston, the IRS scandal, the US giving F-16s and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, calling the Fort Hood Massacre “workplace violence”, supporting the “democratic movement in the middle east resulting in a caliphate by people that hate us, HHS secretary putting the arm on insurance companies, Prism and phone records intrusions worse than the Patriot Act,govt spying I have to wonder about in which direction our government is going. It seems that everything they do is geared to take this country down rather than build it.  I have to wonder if it is by design sometimes.  This administration will go to great lengths of cover ups and lies upon lies to achieve a goal that may be more destructive to freedom and liberty than we can imagine.

The New York Times editorial board’s conclusion that the Obama Administration has lost all credibility speaks volumes about the confidence that the  liberal media has in Washington as of late, but in my opinion, the blinders should have been off before Obama’s first election.  Why is it we don’t realize anything is wrong until there is a crises or we are on the verge of “going off a cliff”?  The dysfunctional are leading the incompetent. You would have thought that a man running for the highest, most powerful position in the world would have been vetted a little bit better by the political machine and the media, but no, not in this case….  and I’m not being racial in my opinion, but I think it was more important to get a black man elected president and cast the country’s fate into wind than to choose a person for the job that would bring this nation out of the recession and into prosperity. imagesCAW7ET8GThe saying “we get the government we deserve” sums it up perfectly, a quote which has been attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville, Thomas Jefferson and others..  and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Not only have we wasted eight years with the worst President since Carter, but the permanent damage caused has turned this great nation into a credit dependent 3rd world country and the damage that is reversible may take decades to correct.  Suffering the consequences of this failed exercise of socialism are the ones that needed help the most, the poor, the minorities and the children.  The poor have no one to turn to and no end in sight for government handouts, thus creating generation after generation of dependency and with no incentive to be a better person or a productive being in the social machine.  The minorities have fallen for the old rope a dope trick from this president inasmuch as getting him in office with 99% of the black vote and then being abandoned.  Look at the inner cities… look at Detroit.  It is worse today than 8 years ago.  Crime is at an all time high.  The minority leaders, while living the life of luxury vow to protect and take care of a loyal contingency that will vote them back in time and time again but get nothing in return but more handouts and more poverty. Now the government wants to give 100 million dollars of hard earned taxpayer money to tear down vacant buildings and to give aid to impoverished neighborhoods in Detroit, Flint Saginaw and Lansing.  


 So the cycle will begin again, to rebuild and forget…..everything will look nice for a year or so, the politicians will crow about all the good work they have accomplished and polish their platforms and resumes and continue to be the “champion of the people” until the neighborhoods are in ruins once more.reforms-corruption The waste here is that the investment is not in the people…. the investment is in structure, in façade, in atmosphere and ambiance.  And finally the children…… the young are influenced by our leaders, our teachers and our parents.  Look at the scandals in Washington, the drug enhanced athletes, cannot have God in schools but you can have lessons on how to put a condom on a cucumber and re-writing of history.  Teachers have their hands tied, no discipline and parents both working just to get by pawning their kids off to day care.

And in today’s news we see that eight northern Colorado counties want to break away and establish a new state called North Colorado.  The proposal was formed at a meeting of county commissioners last week in response to their opposition to the states new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations.

Friends, we are witnessing history being made.  The polarization of the citizenry by this government resulting from regulations and social programs is just now coming to a head.  When considering the intelligence level of Washington lawmakers and the job they are hired to do, it seems they are either totally inept or doing this by design.  I choose the latter.newamericanrevolution1  There will be a breaking point and it is coming soon, and as much as I wish there was a magic pill for the coming crises….I know in my heart there isn’t.

May God bless us all.




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May 27

The Breath of Freedom

by Joe Cherry

Fox News Alert…  “President Obama lays wreath at the tomb of the Unknowns”      This is considered todays news as the annual unknownsceremony takes place in Arlington National Cemetery for which has been a tradition held to honor all those American Soldiers who have given their lives for their Country and without identifiable or returned remains. 

Since the Revolutionary War, all those who fought and died for freedom have been honored as the fabric of heroism that has woven the flag of our Republic and have kept the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness alive.  George Washington said at his farewell address  ”The independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint councils and joint efforts of common dangers, suffering and success”  Sept. 17, 1796.Tomb_of_the_Unknown_Revolutionary_War_Soldier-27527  Under Washington Park in Philadelphia, below the stones and pavement and under city streets lay bodies of heroes, fallen for what they believed in…. both Colonial and British, and today in construction, bones are found both in uniform and out with no way to tell who fought for what side.  Other bodies lay in mass graves and yet others fell for reasons and causes that will never be known.  Engraved on the side of the tomb reads “Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness”

My point is that this is the reason we are able to celebrate this day, this is the reason we are able to live the lifestyle we choose, the freedom of speech and religion, the freedom from oppression and the freedom to rise in the face of tyranny and to re-ignite the torch that seems to fade after a society becomes complacent and distracted by flat screen TVs, fast food and food stamps, yet this day is taken for granted.  Yes, we fly flags, we have parades and ceremonies and honor the fallen heroes, but after today…….. we go back to sleep for another year.  We allow the government to go about it’s business, unchecked and without oversight, year after year, overtaxing, overregulating and chipping away at our freedoms while at the same time counting on the government to take care of us.  The question remains of who takes care of the government? 

In a land of government “by the people” it seems to me that  ”we the people” are doing a horrendous job in running this Great Nation.  Yes, it is news that the President lays the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns…..but why should it be?  It is the duty of the President to honor those who have given all.  It is the duty of all American citizens to honor all those who wear the uniform and fight for freedom.  It is the duty for all of us who have been “spoiled rotten” to appreciate what our flag stands for.  It is our duty to know our REAL history and know the responsibilities of those we elect and the limits of their power.  It is our duty to know the Constitution and live by this law of the land crafted by our founders, and it is the duty of all of us who enjoy the freedoms we have to be thankful, thankful to God and His Divine Providences for which George Washington prayed for and counted on to keep the moral of his ragtag troop in the most hostile and seemingly futile situations.

 If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.
— President Thomas Jefferson.    1743-1826

  I dedicate this article to all of those men, women and children who have given their lives so we may be free today.  To those that had a cause, I salute you for there is no more of a noble deed.  To those who died as aides to a cause, your dedication is appreciated and success would not have been possible without you.  And to those who died as innocents, on the sidelines just living day to day, your life taken for no reason but to empower men you will never know, I pray for you, that you may find peace in the company of angels and eternal light.

God Bless America







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Apr 21

Benghazi, Boston and Slight of Hand

by Joe Cherry

The terrible bombing in Boston this week is yet another showing of how vulnerable we really are.  Thousands of people enjoying Patriots day and celebrating by running the marathon suddenly thrown into shock by the cowardly bombing of innocents, resulting in murdering, maiming and chaos. A day of terror in the cradle of Modern America and a day of celebration for radical Islam and jihadists, just as was September 11, 2001.  But this time its different. 

 The conflicting news reports of a suspect in custody, then not,  the whisking of a Saudi National from the crime scene to the airport and put on a plane, the contract security company with earpieces in plain view, the reports that a “drill” was in progress, the story of a woman who showed up at race registration warning runners the if they ran “they would die”, the manhunt for the brothers and the death of one and capture of the second.  This story would be a box office hit, and probably will soon, and Ill bet much sooner than the public gets the answers it deserves concerning this strange series of events.

First, I like to address the private security team.  Individuals in the bostonsecuritycrowds in plain clothes with backpacks and earpieces, no not the earpiece used to listen to your I-phone, the earpiece used by government agencies. There are plenty of pictures of these guys around, all equipped similarly.  The runners and the fans were told that there would be a drill and not to be alarmed.  What drill?   Fire drill?  Terrorist drill?  Bomb drill?

Secondly, the media reported that a suspect or person of interest, was taken into custody and that computers and evidence was seized from his apartment. Then the FBI told the media that it was not true.  As it turns out, this person of interest is a Saudi national with ties to terrorists and radical Muslims.  Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was tackled by security as he ran from the explosion near the finish line.  Taken into custody, then strangely enough, whisked to  the airport and put on the next plane to Saudi Arabia, for “National Security reasons “.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi at Boston Marathon with two men

No agency was allowed to question this man.  Why?

Why was this man at the Boston Marathon?  Was he a runner?  a fan?  selling hot dogs?

By the way, a Saudi National is not a Saudi citizen but a person who might carry several passports from different countries.

Third.   Obama has a sudden unscheduled meeting in the White House with the Saudi Ambassador.  Secretary of State John Kerry meets with the Saudi Foreign Minister and locks out the press.

Fourth.  The FBI id two Mideast looking men with bags casing the scene and circulate pictures among law enforcement.  I wonder if the two men are seen in the picture with Ali Alharbi?  The papers report that a dark skinned male has been arrested, then get scolded by the FBI for releasing the story.

All the while, the pieces are falling together with video and still photos showing the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, walking nonchalantly  to the drop points and setting the packs down. Then calmly walking away.  We all know the story of the brothers and yes, they did the deed.  Surrounded by police in the stolen SUV, there is a fierce gun battle, the older brother dies with a IED strapped to him while the younger drives the vebrothershicle through the barricade and escapes, wounded and bleeding.  Hmmmmm.    The wounded Dzhokhar, is found in a boat in a back yard, bleeding and in critical condition.  Authorities are now awaiting word from the doctors to commence questioning.

There are several questions that need to be addressed here and the public has the right to know.

1.   Who or what was the “contract” security team all about.  Was there a real drill or was there a credible threat to public safety? 

2.   If there was a credible threat, why weren’t better security measures taken, such as police check stations with scanners?

3.   Who is this Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi guy?  He has a Facebook page and it says he lives in Boston and studied at The New England School of English.  Why was he tackled by police running from the scene?  If he was released from custody and not a person of interest, why then was his computer and bags of papers seized from his apartment?   Why was he whisked out of country without anyone allowed to question him?   Diplomatic Immunity?  An innocent bystander?   (It should be noted that after 9/11, the family of Osama Bin Laden were taken out of the U.S. by our Government.)

4.   What were the unscheduled meetings with the Saudi Diplomat and the Saudi Prime Minister about?  Why the emergency meetings and why was the press locked out?

     As this story unfolds, and it will, there will be more questions concerning the possible Saudi connection and who knew what about it.  Don’t forget about the woman at race registration telling the runners they would die.  She knew something.   And as we still wait ObamaHorrorfor answers to the slaughter of 4 Americans including a U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi since Sept 11,2012  I can envision a long time before we know who pulled the strings in Boston, for if the Tsarnaev brothers were the puppets, the puppet masters are still out there, and possibly being protected by our own government.


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Apr 07

A Common sense Strategy to Gun Ownership

george washingtonby  Joe Cherry

The founders and framers of this Nation and the Constitution were by every description “geniuses” inasmuch as they foresaw many if not all of the pitfalls of a free and democratic society.  I am amazed wondering where they acquired all of this knowledge, and I do not rule out Devine Intervention. 

Anyway, if you take a quote out of the Rahm Emanuel playbook that “No crises should ever go to waste”, and have an agenda, you now have a recipe for change to your advantage.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook and the theatre shooting in Colorado were the perfect “crises” for Anti-Gun fanatics and the left to legislate more gun laws and set the stage for more resourceful ways to disarm the populous. And don’t mistake my words, THIS GOVERMENT WANTS TO DISARM AND ENSLAVE.

So if the existing gun laws are not effective enough, the legislators take it to the next level, which include universal background checks and a limited amount of bullets in a magazine.  If that is not enough they will create a shortage of ammunition by buying up billions of rounds at a time and if that doesn’t work, how about forcing gun owners to buy liability insurance for the weapons or even taxing the ammo so high it doesn’t make sense to buy it any longer.  These are just a few ways that they are trying now.  Who knows what is next.

How many guns can you own? How many rounds can you have?  Your weapons must be checked in and kept at a local armory or police dept. and checked out for sport shooting or hunting, then returned when done.  Scary.

What these clowns never seem to understand is that the bad guys don’t go by the rules and you can’t legislate morality.2nd-amendment-98435504544

Don’t forget the words of the Second Amendment to the Constitution

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Key words: “being necessary to the security of a free State” and  ”shall not be infringed”  First of all, this Government IS infringing on our rights to bear arms by first trying to legislate them out of existence and if that doesn’t work, believe me they will try to take them physically.

Now “being necessary to the security of a free State” may I submit to all Patriots and Citizens of this Great Nation that logistically we have the advantage.  We have the arms and ammunition to fully protect this Nation from tyranny but what is needed now is to passively resist by being more intelligent then they are, which is not very hard.

First.  Save your ammunition.  Stop target shooting and wasting ordinance.  Reload good casings.  Store ammo in a cool, dry and safe place.

Second.  Put your guns away.  The right to own these weapons was given to you, not to sport shoot with or to hunt with, but to protect this Nation from a tyrannical Government.

Third.  Gun ownership has responsibility.  Be responsible to these troubled times in which lawlessness is not only in the streets but also in the halls of the White House and in Congress.  DONT_TREAD_ON_ME_YELLOW_YARD300_SIGN

Remember that your weapon is the light of freedom and the sentinel that keeps the door of tyranny locked tight.  Be aware of this because they certainly are and their goal is very clear.  To disarm and enslave by dependence.


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Mar 24

Cyprus, the Domino Effect and Us

by  Joe Cherry

The Island of Cyprus is in trouble, big financial trouble.  The economy there is typical of any other nation economy with it’s history of monetary “bubbles”.  Tourism and casinos are the resource batteries that keep this country afloat.  There have been housing booms and market booms, just like other nations and just like other nations, this one is in trouble.

Cyprus’ overgrown banking sector has been crippled by exposure to crisis-hit Greece, and the EU says the east Mediterranean island must raise 5.8 billion euros on its own before it can receive a 10 billion euro bailout.

Without a deal by the end of Monday, the ECB says it will cut off emergency funds to Cypriot banks, spelling certain collapse and potentially pushing the country out of the euro zone.  (Reuters) Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:39am EDT

So, in the eternal wisdom of politicians, they decide to put a levy of cyprus bank lines10% on all bank deposits over 100,000 euros.  That went over as well as a screen door in a submarine, the result being a run on the banks to which is still going on and will continue because the trust in the banking system and government has been breached.

Well, after riots in the streets and protests from Russia and Germany, (big depositors in Cypriot banks) the powers at be decided to rescind the levy.  With Monday being the deadline to raise 5.8 Billion euros and the lines at the ATM’s continuing, we are witnessing the breakdown of an economy.  As it is now, stores and pharmacies are not accepting debit cards……  cash or credit card, and will continue to decline until Cyprus is off the Euro.  That means that the island Country will have to create it’s own monetary system.

I wonder if I could place a bet in a Cyprus casino on the economy surviving and I also wonder what they lay the odds at.  Weird and almost out of a Twilight Zone tale.  But as I mentioned in earlier articles of the domino effect, this small Republic is at the mercy of the on going problems of Greece.

Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy are facing similar economic problems with high unemployment and unprecedented social dependence.  It is just a matter of time before the dominos start to fall.

 Meanwhile, back at the good old USA, we continue to see the stock market at all time highs while manufacturing is low, major cities at facing bankruptcy and unemployment is staggering if you consider all those who aren’t working.  Look up housing starts for the last year and also Google average salary for public and private sector jobs.  Then look at unemployment figures for the last 3 years then ask yourself, “why is the stock market so high?”   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the market is “propped up” with bonds.  Bonds.  Good diet when there is no money left.taxpayer-screwed

And all the while, state Governors and Washington politicians are scrambling to find ways to tax us more and more to pay for their corrupted ways of doing business.  Democrats just passed a budget after 4 years of denial which incorporates a 1 trillion dollar tax increase over the next 10 years and no budget cuts.  Only 4 democrats voted against the deal because it’s too close to re-election for them.  What a bunch of phony cowards!.

All the while in figuring ways of stealing our money they send Billions in dollars in aid, tanks and F-16s to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.  They are enemies of Israel and the west. Doesn’t anyone question why money and resources like this are thrown away?  Does anyone question the lavish and expensive vacations our President and First Lady take while people here sleep in the streets?  Is anyone questioning the proposed changes to our Constitution?gun ban cartoon

Folks, they will push and push, they will squeeze the lemon for all the juice and then some.  They will try to enforce their wills and agendas on the common man and continue to push until there is no more to push on.   Then they will shove.

Wake up folks and look around.  Ask the hard questions and seek answers, if not for you….. your children and your grandchildren.  

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Jan 27

I see lot’s of Sheep, but where are the Patriots?

by Joe Cherry

I have recently read articles in the news regarding  gun control as well as other issues, some of which I believe are important to the security of our great Nation and some that are not.  We are all back seat quarterbacks when it comes to issues like these and most often when it comes to deciding what is right or the correct thing to do, we have the ability to “shoot from the hip” and make snap judgments.

But lately, it seems  a lot of snap judgments have been coming from obama marxistour government….as a matter of fact, these shoot from the hip actions have caused more pain and suffering within the populous than doing any good or of any protection but more of harm.

For example, did you know that many many people who have suffered from the hands of super storm Sandy are still without heat, hot water or electric?  People would rather stay in their homes rather than deal with FEMA.  This is really amazing.  There are 3,500 families still displaced and many more homeless and freezing.  The excuses the government give range from not enough resources to not enough carpenters and plumbers and electricians to repair everything.  Bull.   If the government wanted to correct the problem, it would, and in a fast quality fashion. 

Another example of government negligence was the BP Spill in the Gulf.  Questions arise that no one has addressed nor won’t address.  For instance, why did the government wait over a month after the explosion, not doing a thing to remedy a National Safety Threat, waiting for BP to mobilize while over a million gallons of oil a day were polluting our coastal waters?  This government could have stopped the leakage within days then re-billed BP for the service.

We all remember “Fast and Furious”, but it seems the government has all but forgotten about it.  It seems ok for our government to sell military and automatic weapons to drug cartels that murder our people with them, but it’s not ok for a U.S. citizen to have any weapon with more than 7 rounds in the magazine.

And now regulation, more and more regulation.  Dreamed up by the 11-Marxismpresidents hand picked team of leftists, socialists and Marxists to “nudge”  the citizens of the land to conform to their ways while chipping away at our liberties.  If the nudging don’t work, next will be fines and imprisonment

. According to a new report by the Texas  Public Policy Foundation, thousands of people are being prosecuted for  environmental crimes every day they didn’t know were even on the books. They’ve  been threatened, fined and thrown in jail. The trend is especially prominent  along the Gulf Coast, but is becoming a national issue.  

In Texas, there are 11 felonies relating to harvesting oysters that can land  a person in prison for a decade. In the Carolinas, government officials have  cracked down on  fishermen — both commercial and sport — and in some  cases cut off their ability to make a living. 

‘You take away the incentive for somebody to do something bit by bit  by bit. It’s like peeling the layers off an onion. You can only peel so much and  then you don’t have any onion left’

- Fishing boat Capt. Terrell Gould

Just like a 3rd world country right here in America.  The reason we don’t hear anything on the news is because it is not a favorite agenda topic with the politicians, and the media hasn’t the backbone or courage enough to cover it. Don’t believe me….look it up.

So now back to the current attack on the 2nd Amendment.  This is a sheeple-1aa-wakeupsheepleplanned and well executed agenda for this regime.  The perfect storm, so to speak, and by not letting a good crises go to waste, this administration will use all of the tools it has available, whether legal or illegal, to confiscate all guns.  Read the news articles on the momentum and growing opposition of the brainwashed zombies.  Yes, zombies,  brainwashed by the coward media and bought and paid for by government handouts. 

The puzzle pieces are falling into place, the masks are off and these next four years will either prove us as patriots or sheep.  God I pray for the patriots.

Joe Cherry




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