Apr 21

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Benghazi, Boston and Slight of Hand

by Joe Cherry

The terrible bombing in Boston this week is yet another showing of how vulnerable we really are.  Thousands of people enjoying Patriots day and celebrating by running the marathon suddenly thrown into shock by the cowardly bombing of innocents, resulting in murdering, maiming and chaos. A day of terror in the cradle of Modern America and a day of celebration for radical Islam and jihadists, just as was September 11, 2001.  But this time its different. 

 The conflicting news reports of a suspect in custody, then not,  the whisking of a Saudi National from the crime scene to the airport and put on a plane, the contract security company with earpieces in plain view, the reports that a “drill” was in progress, the story of a woman who showed up at race registration warning runners the if they ran “they would die”, the manhunt for the brothers and the death of one and capture of the second.  This story would be a box office hit, and probably will soon, and Ill bet much sooner than the public gets the answers it deserves concerning this strange series of events.

First, I like to address the private security team.  Individuals in the bostonsecuritycrowds in plain clothes with backpacks and earpieces, no not the earpiece used to listen to your I-phone, the earpiece used by government agencies. There are plenty of pictures of these guys around, all equipped similarly.  The runners and the fans were told that there would be a drill and not to be alarmed.  What drill?   Fire drill?  Terrorist drill?  Bomb drill?

Secondly, the media reported that a suspect or person of interest, was taken into custody and that computers and evidence was seized from his apartment. Then the FBI told the media that it was not true.  As it turns out, this person of interest is a Saudi national with ties to terrorists and radical Muslims.  Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was tackled by security as he ran from the explosion near the finish line.  Taken into custody, then strangely enough, whisked to  the airport and put on the next plane to Saudi Arabia, for “National Security reasons “.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi at Boston Marathon with two men

No agency was allowed to question this man.  Why?

Why was this man at the Boston Marathon?  Was he a runner?  a fan?  selling hot dogs?

By the way, a Saudi National is not a Saudi citizen but a person who might carry several passports from different countries.

Third.   Obama has a sudden unscheduled meeting in the White House with the Saudi Ambassador.  Secretary of State John Kerry meets with the Saudi Foreign Minister and locks out the press.

Fourth.  The FBI id two Mideast looking men with bags casing the scene and circulate pictures among law enforcement.  I wonder if the two men are seen in the picture with Ali Alharbi?  The papers report that a dark skinned male has been arrested, then get scolded by the FBI for releasing the story.

All the while, the pieces are falling together with video and still photos showing the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, walking nonchalantly  to the drop points and setting the packs down. Then calmly walking away.  We all know the story of the brothers and yes, they did the deed.  Surrounded by police in the stolen SUV, there is a fierce gun battle, the older brother dies with a IED strapped to him while the younger drives the vebrothershicle through the barricade and escapes, wounded and bleeding.  Hmmmmm.    The wounded Dzhokhar, is found in a boat in a back yard, bleeding and in critical condition.  Authorities are now awaiting word from the doctors to commence questioning.

There are several questions that need to be addressed here and the public has the right to know.

1.   Who or what was the “contract” security team all about.  Was there a real drill or was there a credible threat to public safety? 

2.   If there was a credible threat, why weren’t better security measures taken, such as police check stations with scanners?

3.   Who is this Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi guy?  He has a Facebook page and it says he lives in Boston and studied at The New England School of English.  Why was he tackled by police running from the scene?  If he was released from custody and not a person of interest, why then was his computer and bags of papers seized from his apartment?   Why was he whisked out of country without anyone allowed to question him?   Diplomatic Immunity?  An innocent bystander?   (It should be noted that after 9/11, the family of Osama Bin Laden were taken out of the U.S. by our Government.)

4.   What were the unscheduled meetings with the Saudi Diplomat and the Saudi Prime Minister about?  Why the emergency meetings and why was the press locked out?

     As this story unfolds, and it will, there will be more questions concerning the possible Saudi connection and who knew what about it.  Don’t forget about the woman at race registration telling the runners they would die.  She knew something.   And as we still wait ObamaHorrorfor answers to the slaughter of 4 Americans including a U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi since Sept 11,2012  I can envision a long time before we know who pulled the strings in Boston, for if the Tsarnaev brothers were the puppets, the puppet masters are still out there, and possibly being protected by our own government.


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  1. Petra

    Well put Joe. I didn’t even know half of these things that happened. Amazing what the Gov. will do to keep us Americans in the dark.

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