Mar 22

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Are we all Insured yet?

obamacareWell folks, March 31st is rolling around very quickly, probably too quick for Kathleen Sebelius.  Remember the magic number of 7 million enrolled by the end of this month.  Not are they way short on their total target but also way high on Medicaid enrollment.

  There is a question in my mind that has been eating at me for months and months.  The goal is to get all Americans health insurance at an affordable rate, cover those who presently don’t have coverage and also mandate insurance companies to insure those with pre-existing and not refuse coverage to same.  Well, the question is that if the population of the United States is about 314 million, why then is the target goal 7 million and the last day for open enrollment March 31, 2014?  I never did good at math but the number seems to be 307 million short.

  This “law” was bullied through the House and Senate and barely passed with bribes and back room deals.  The rocky rollout was blamed on everything but the writers and backers…… and Nancy’s famous words “If you want to know what’s in the law, you must pass it to see it”.  So here we are Nancy,  5 months after the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and we have seen numerous illegal changes in it by a President that has no regard for law or our pelosihammerConstitution.  Kathleen Sebelius swore under oath that there would be no more delays and no more extensions.  What next, Mr. President?  It seems as the days go by and get shorter and shorter the stack of lies get taller and taller.

  In my opinion, this “law” is just another tool that chips away at our fragile economy and bring us closer to Socialism.  A page right out of the Cloward and Piven handbook.   We will never achieve what this law was intentioned for and somehow we all know it. 

Joe Cherry


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