Apr 07

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A Common sense Strategy to Gun Ownership

george washingtonby  Joe Cherry

The founders and framers of this Nation and the Constitution were by every description “geniuses” inasmuch as they foresaw many if not all of the pitfalls of a free and democratic society.  I am amazed wondering where they acquired all of this knowledge, and I do not rule out Devine Intervention. 

Anyway, if you take a quote out of the Rahm Emanuel playbook that “No crises should ever go to waste”, and have an agenda, you now have a recipe for change to your advantage.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook and the theatre shooting in Colorado were the perfect “crises” for Anti-Gun fanatics and the left to legislate more gun laws and set the stage for more resourceful ways to disarm the populous. And don’t mistake my words, THIS GOVERMENT WANTS TO DISARM AND ENSLAVE.

So if the existing gun laws are not effective enough, the legislators take it to the next level, which include universal background checks and a limited amount of bullets in a magazine.  If that is not enough they will create a shortage of ammunition by buying up billions of rounds at a time and if that doesn’t work, how about forcing gun owners to buy liability insurance for the weapons or even taxing the ammo so high it doesn’t make sense to buy it any longer.  These are just a few ways that they are trying now.  Who knows what is next.

How many guns can you own? How many rounds can you have?  Your weapons must be checked in and kept at a local armory or police dept. and checked out for sport shooting or hunting, then returned when done.  Scary.

What these clowns never seem to understand is that the bad guys don’t go by the rules and you can’t legislate morality.2nd-amendment-98435504544

Don’t forget the words of the Second Amendment to the Constitution

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Key words: “being necessary to the security of a free State” and  ”shall not be infringed”  First of all, this Government IS infringing on our rights to bear arms by first trying to legislate them out of existence and if that doesn’t work, believe me they will try to take them physically.

Now “being necessary to the security of a free State” may I submit to all Patriots and Citizens of this Great Nation that logistically we have the advantage.  We have the arms and ammunition to fully protect this Nation from tyranny but what is needed now is to passively resist by being more intelligent then they are, which is not very hard.

First.  Save your ammunition.  Stop target shooting and wasting ordinance.  Reload good casings.  Store ammo in a cool, dry and safe place.

Second.  Put your guns away.  The right to own these weapons was given to you, not to sport shoot with or to hunt with, but to protect this Nation from a tyrannical Government.

Third.  Gun ownership has responsibility.  Be responsible to these troubled times in which lawlessness is not only in the streets but also in the halls of the White House and in Congress.  DONT_TREAD_ON_ME_YELLOW_YARD300_SIGN

Remember that your weapon is the light of freedom and the sentinel that keeps the door of tyranny locked tight.  Be aware of this because they certainly are and their goal is very clear.  To disarm and enslave by dependence.


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