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Welcome to the survival site!

On these pages you will find interesting articles on preparing for just about any emergency.  From the basics of individual survival to family protection in emergency situations, here you will find ideas to develop avatar.jpgskills needed to adapt and cope when it all hits the fan.  There are free e-books that are being updated all the time and interesting articles.

I have also included information and “how to” articles from other websites to present to you the best of the net.

Joe Cherry

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A Victory for Liberty in Bunkerville

by Joe Cherry Cliven Bundy and his family stood up to tyranny and won.  The key words here are “stood up”.  This man has been fighting the fed gov’t for 20 years over grazing rights.  Let’s first get something clear:  1.  The Federal Government does not own the land.  The land belongs to the state …

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Are we all Insured yet?

Well folks, March 31st is rolling around very quickly, probably too quick for Kathleen Sebelius.  Remember the magic number of 7 million enrolled by the end of this month.  Not are they way short on their total target but also way high on Medicaid enrollment.   There is a question in my mind that has …

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tree of liberty

We outnumber them, really……..

   I find it hard to conceive that we have let our “lawmakers” and “leaders” get away with so much.  They make laws we cannot keep up with, they make laws that they don’t have to abide by, they tax us to death, (and even after) then squander our money on policies that will ensure …

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Merry Christmas 2013 Human vs Humanity

To all Patriots, lovers of the Constitution of the United States and all people of peace, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year.  A very simple and straight forward message.  And this greeting of peace is from my heart and from my humanity.  I use the term humanity because …

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Freedom vs Socialism….. Point Break

by Joe Cherry With fast and furious, Bin Laden leaks and braggings, Benghazi, Boston, the IRS scandal, the US giving F-16s and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, calling the Fort Hood Massacre “workplace violence”, supporting the “democratic movement in the middle east resulting in a caliphate by people that hate us, HHS secretary putting the …

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The Breath of Freedom

by Joe Cherry Fox News Alert…  “President Obama lays wreath at the tomb of the Unknowns”      This is considered todays news as the annual ceremony takes place in Arlington National Cemetery for which has been a tradition held to honor all those American Soldiers who have given their lives for their Country and without identifiable or …

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Benghazi, Boston and Slight of Hand

by Joe Cherry The terrible bombing in Boston this week is yet another showing of how vulnerable we really are.  Thousands of people enjoying Patriots day and celebrating by running the marathon suddenly thrown into shock by the cowardly bombing of innocents, resulting in murdering, maiming and chaos. A day of terror in the cradle of …

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A Common sense Strategy to Gun Ownership

by  Joe Cherry The founders and framers of this Nation and the Constitution were by every description “geniuses” inasmuch as they foresaw many if not all of the pitfalls of a free and democratic society.  I am amazed wondering where they acquired all of this knowledge, and I do not rule out Devine Intervention.  Anyway, if …

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